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About NumSend

Share your large files safely

NumSend® is a very simple, easy to use and secure web service that allows you to share large files.
This service, accessible via a simple internet browser, enables you to send an unlimited number of files to one or more recipients.
The recipient simply gets a link and downloads the file you just sent. The solution integrates SSL security that makes the files unreadable throughout the transfer.
NumSend Infos

The Premium offer benefits

Send MORE files

With Numsend+, you can transfer up to 20 GB of files in one go to an unlimited number of recipients and keep the files available for as long as you like.

Get MORE storage space

Store safely up to 100 GB of data. Data storage allows you to access, resend, transfer or delete your files at any time.

Even MORE secure

To maximize security, you have the option to password protect all your transfers. You can also add a password once the transfer is complete.

A plugin for MORE simplicity

The Outlook and Thunderbird plugin allows you to attach large files directly via your email client. The files will be converted into URL links and sent via the NumSend® platform.

Integrated Address book with MORE contacts

The integrated address book helps you manage your contacts and keep them all within your reach.

Send your files MORE than once

Data management allows you to easily resend all your files as often as you like.

File expiration date MORE manageable

With Numsend+, you can set a new expiration date to the files previously sent at any time.

Stay MORE informed

Data management helps you track the status of your transfers in real- time. A confirmation email is sent to you at every step of the transfer.